Why should you contract WIMANGOL to conduct your market research in Angola ?

The market research industry in South Africa is very dynamic and most of the research projects taking place in the African continent is commissioned in South Africa. in other words, International companies contract market research companies in South Africa to conduct their research projects in other African Countries.

South Africa research companies have become the gateway for international companies targeting African markets. South African research companies on the other hand, contract other African research companies depending on the targeted market or Country, this could be for instance; a South African research company contracting an Angolan market research company. This has always been the flow of business between international companies targeting African markets and South African market research companies.

However, something interesting is happening that is quite remarkable and this is linked to the birth of WIMANGOL.

WIMANGOL has emerged as a unique research company specialized in conducting fieldwork research in Portuguese speaking markets, mainly in Angola and Mozambique.

What is happening is that International companies and South African companies now are opting to contract WIMANGOL to conduct their research projects in Angola and Mozambique.


- WIMANGOL's researchers and fieldwork agents are comprised by Angolans and Mozambicans, therefore they understand Angolan and Mozambican markets and their respective culture dynamics better than anyone else!

- WIMANGOL also offers specialized Portuguese-English translation services, This saves you money, as WIMANGOL offers you a One-Stop-Service (Get Two services -and only pay for One service).

- WIMANGOL is very responsive in terms of communication, they have a 24 hour responsive contact and you can contact them in English or in Portuguese, anytime, wherever you are!

- WIMANGOL does not believe much in secondary research but on primary research, they conduct fieldwork research, getting fresh, raw data on the ground.

As you can see, WIMANGOL is Uniquely placed in offering Trusted and Quality research services in Angola and Mozambique.

When I spoke to the Managing Director of WIMANGOL, Mr. Moises Antunes who is also an Angolan but based in South Africa, one thing came quite strongly and that's his conviction in the business that bridges international markets and Portuguese speaking markets.

I remember he also said:

" Alex, at WIMANGOL we are not concerned with QUANTITY of clients but rather with maintaining the QUALITY of our services to our clients".

WIMANGOL is on the right track and it is due to the points and reasons mentioned above, that international companies and South African companies are in need on WIMANGOL.

For any market research projects in Angola and Mozambique, you need to contact WIMANGOL.

By Alex Johnson- International Market Research Specialist


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