Covid-19 should be your reason to conduct a market research and not an excuse to reject it


I have noticed something, a trend I believe is the root cause of failure both on business or on an Individual level.

Covid-19 has now become an excuse for everything, it has become an excuse for stagnation, it has become an excuse for some governments to hide their incompentecy, because everything is blamed on the Covid-19.

It has also be blamed for some businesses failure.

*The other day, I heard a Company's owner saying to me: "Mr Moises Antunes, Due to Covid-19, we are not making enough profit, therefore, we haven't got a budget to conduct a market research, we are actually retrenching staff currently....."

My answer was: " I'm sorry to hear that...but if you could give me just few more minutes, I can show you how my market research proposal actually can avoid your ship to sink. Can you give me few minutes Sir?"

He looked at me and looked at his two Directors...there was a sudden silence for few seconds then he Said: "Ok...go ahead but don't waste my time."

Right there, I told myself: this is either a Showtime or Sinking time for me... Lol..

Me: "Sir before you openned your business and started operating on this sector, did you conduct a market research first?"

Owner's Response: "No, there was no need for that".

Me:"Ok. So before Covid-19, how was your business doing?"

Owner: "My business was doing ok and now this bloody Covid-19 is making things worse, we are having only few clients. Covid-19 is making things difficult but as soon as we get back to normal life, we will do well."

Me: "Sir, let me tell you something: Your first mistake was made when you decided to tape on this sector without conducting a market research.

Secondly, now you are about to make another tragic mistake by rejecting an offer to conduct a market research, which in essence should be correcting your first mistake and avoiding your ship to sink Sir...remember you are the captain to save it and I am here to help you "

One Director said: "Boss, I think Mr. Antunes is right.

The second Director said:"It makes sense, what he said".

The two Directors turned their eyes on him expecting his decision and there was silence again in the meeting room...

Then the owner's said: "Ok, Mr. Antunes we've got a deal but you need to give us a discount".

The rest was merely formality.

Let WIMANGOL conduct a market research on your behalf, be Smart, Smart people value market research.


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