Umbundu as the Most Spoken Language in Angola and Ovimbundus making a third of Angolan Population

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There's no doubt, Umbundu is the most spoken language in Angola, after Portuguese obviously!

Ovimbundu Ethnic Group is made up of a 3rd of the Angolan population. The Ovimbundus are the largest population group in Angola just like the Zulus in South Africa.

Key Regions: Huambo, Bié, Benguela, Huíla and Kwanza-Sul due to Cassongue Municipality. Due to the impact of colonisation and the impact of Civil wars, many Ovimbundus were scattered nation-wide including in the North.

Today Luanda, the capital is also one of the main regions where Umbundu is widely spoken with prominance in the most populous municipalities of Luanda such as: 1. Viana Municipality 2. Cacuaco Municipality

Interestingly, these are also usually the most contested municipalities during elections in Angola.

Umbundu is a language for the Ovimbundu s language and in 2014 it has been estimated of having over 9 million speakers.

As per last Population Census organized by the Angolano Statistics Entitity called INEA ( Instituto Nacional de Estatística de Angola) in 2014, Portuguese language had 71% of speakers and in second place was Umbundu language with 23%.

As far as Angola national local languages os concerned, the table shows as per below:

Umbundu - 1st mosty spoken language Kikongo - 2nd mostly spoken language Umbundu -3rd mostly spoken language Then the rest of Languages like Cokwe, Nganguela, Kwanyama etc.

Today our main topic is the Umbundu language and its people (the Ovimbundus ethnic group).

Umbundu is for Angola just Isizulu is for South Africa.

"Walala wasala" in Zulu and in Umbundu it means the samething:

- You snooze you lose - O camaleão que dorme a onda leva!

WIMANGOL has Umbundu has Key Angolan National language. We have been doing projects for Translation, Transcription, Localization and Interpretation.

Contact us for project in this interesting language Umbundu !

Walala wasala!

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